GuavaMitts by GuavaKids

When my boys were infants and beyond, they were face scratches. If they were not wearing “no scratch mittens” at night then inevitably the next morning they would have scratches on their face. The problem was I would put the mittens on before bed but by the morning they had somehow fallen off. What I wish was that I had GuavaMitts by GuavaKids. GuavaKids is a company started by 2 moms who saw the need to protect their babies from scratching themselves. They went on a quest to find something that actually stayed on their baby’s hands and there was born GuavaMitts.

GuavaKids was kind enough to send me a pair of M/L mitts in lime bubbles for review. Even though my daughter does not need them I had her wear them overnight and no surprise but they were still securely on her hands in the morning. I liked that my daughter could still open and close her hands while the mitts were on. It is not like she was fully paralyzed from using her hands. She could still grad onto items but just not use her fingers.

Features of GuavaMitts:

  • Stay put protection – due to the signature closure system – Velcro straps.
  • Fun engaging colors and patterns (different color on each side)
  • 2 sizes – S/M for 6-16 lbs, M/L for 15-22 lbs
  • Mitten body made of bamboo and organic cotton blend – for breathability, antimicrobial properties and environmental sustainability
  • Cleaning – to prevent shrinkage either hand wash and air dry or machine wash cold and tumble dry low

For $12 you can own your very own pair of GuavaMitts. Or a 2 pack is $22. GuavaMitts are way better than those cheap cotton “no scratch mittens” that most of us end up buying. When I used them on my boys, the elastic stretched quickly which made them useless, they fell off easily and they were hard to put on. Plus there was no room for movement for the baby’s hand. Twelve dollars may seem like a lot for a pair of mittens but they will serve your baby much better than the cheap ones.