ZoLi Bot Straw Cup

Many babies have a hard time transitioning from a bottle to a sippy cup. A good alternative that seems to work for many babies is transitioning to a straw cup and skipping the sippy cup all together. The ZoLi Bot Straw Cup uses an innovative straw technology in which the straw moves to the liquid no matter which direction the cup is tilted. The food-grade silicone straw is flexible on top and weighted on the bottom with a steel ball. With minimal parts, the cup, handle and cover are made of polypropelene. Never fear because polypropelene is non-toxic so it is BPA and phthlate free.

A few perks about the Bot:

  • Weighted straw – babies get all the liquid and can even use it when laying down
  • Attached lid which slides over the straw so the lid never gets lost and the straw does not get dirty.

The drawbacks are:

  • The price of the Bot ($12) and due to the special straw you should buy the ZoLi straw brush to keep it clean
  • Leakage (really can’t 100% escape leakage with any sippy cup)
  • Skinny straw – great for early learners because less liquid at a time but difficult for older babies who want more liquid and for it to come faster
Overall the ZoLi Bot is a great straw cup.  The drawbacks can be ignored due to the advantage of the weighted straw.