Leachco Podster – Sling-Style Infant Lounger

The Leachco Podster is a Sling-Style Infant Lounger that is shaped like a big donut with a sling in the middle. The deeply contoured sides keep baby safe and provides a warm and cozy environment. Using velcro tabs the sling expands as baby’s weight increases. The Podster is great for lounging or even sleeping – especially great for babies with reflux. It grows with baby by providing sitting support. The polyester cover is removable and washable.

The Leachco Podster has received mostly all positive review on Amazon, the only downside is that it has a short lifespan. Most parents love it for their reflux or fussy babies because it seems to settle them down and allow them to sleep. The angled position combined with the cozy support is the perfect environment for a baby to sleep or hang out. This can’t be used as a nursing pillow unfortunately. It is different than a nursing pillow used as a lounger in that there is full body support so your baby cannot slip down. Once your baby starts rolling or moving then the use is gone unless you use it as a sitting support.

If you have a baby who has reflux and needs that angled support then the Podster is a great way to make the comfortable and allow them to sleep. Available for $40 or more if you choose the Plus version, the Podster is not a bad deal.