Are you an apartment dweller and short on space? Or is your house just so full with all that baby gear that you don’t have space to store your stroller? Or do you just plain dislike clutter? If you fall into any of these categories then keep reading! The StrollAway by MetroTots is a sturdy steel hook that  hangs over any door to hung up any stroller up to 40 lbs. No drilling or screws required so you can store your stroller without committing to a permanent fixture. The StrollAway can be hung on any width door due to a spacer. It can also lay flat when not in use and the arm angles can be adjusted to fit any type of stroller.

While the StrollAway is helpful, it is not useful to hang on a door that you need to walk through, such as a bedroom door because it may not give you enough space to walk into the room. Also, it can get tiring lifting the stroller up every time you need to store it or take it down.

The StrollAway retails for $39.99. It is expensive but if it will help you organize your house or save space then it may be worth it.

MetroTots is currently in the process of developing a garage mount for your stroller and a multi stroller mount so stay tuned.