Galt Playnest and Gym

The Galt Playnest Farm and Gym is an inflatable vinyl tube encased in a multi-sensory cover with an overhead gym. The  cover forms a nest so baby can rest in the middle and explore the gym. For newer/younger babies, you only partially inflate the tube but as the baby grows and learns to sit, you fully inflate the tube. The Playnest is a colorful barnyard themed cover with 8 sensory areas that has different textures and sounds. The 4 arms of the gym connect to the cover and cross at the top. It has 5 hanging toys that can easily be moved around. The cover, gym cover and toys are all machine washable. The Playnest is fun place to corral babies from newborn up to 9 months. Crawling babies or toddlers can use the Playnest as a place to lounge or hang out.

The Galt Playnest is also sold without the gym. Many people complain that the arms of the Gym do not stay connected unless you really wedge in the pieces tight, which is difficult to do. Therefore, if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of the Gym you can get the Playnest for half the price. The Galt Playnest Farm and Gym is more expensive than other activity mats but you get more to this toy with the inflatable tube. I am a fan! I like that you can prop your baby in the nest to sit or lay down but you just can’t do tummy time on this like you can on other flat mats. It is a trade off and to buy this or another activity mat is based on the money you want to spend and what features are more important to you as a parent.