Snuza Baby Monitor

Most new moms are paranoid – constantly waking up to make sure their baby is breathing – I know I did that a lot the first few weeks/months of my baby’s life. I still randomly check on my children and none of them are newborns anymore. Snuza recognizes this fear and that is why they have many  movement detection mobile baby monitors. Ranging from basic to full features, you can choose the type of monitor that will give you the peace of mind that you will need.


Snuza Monitors:

  • Snuza Go – It clips onto baby’s diaper to ensure normal movement is detected. If no movement is detected after 15, 18 or 20 seconds (you choose the time), an audible alarm will sound.
  • Snuza Hero (formally Snuza Halo) – It clips onto baby’s diaper to detect movement. I f no movement is detected for 15 seconds then the Hero will vibrate to arouse the baby. If the vibration occurs 3 times then a Rouse Warning will alert you and if 5 more seconds go by without any movement then an alarm will sound. It also has a movement fate indicator to warn about wear or infrequent movement.
  • Snuza Audio – It is a mobile, digital wireless audio monitor with a parent-talk-back function, night light, mute mode and sound level indicators.
  • Snuza Duo – The Hero and Audio sold together.
  • Snuza Video – It is a mobile, digital wireless video monitor. with 100% privacy, interference free communication, adjustable camera angle, 2.4″ LCD panel, automatic night vision, sound level indicators and lullaby tunes.
  • Snuza Trio – Video/Audio Monitor and the Hero sold together.

The movement detection ability of Snuza is what sets it apart from other baby monitors. Either the Go, Hero or the combination of the Hero with the Video or Audio are the best options because you get the peace of mind that you need. Not everyone worries the same way so if you don’t need a movement detector then it is not necessary but if you are a worrier then then the Snuza is the way to go. I was/am a worrier but not enough to need a movement detector. Checking on my children when needed was enough for me. The reviews for the Halo are amazing – check them out yourself!