Lamaze Space Symphony Motion Gym

An activity gym mat that stands out from the rest is the Lamaze Space Symphony Motion Gym because it has motorized arches that sway back and forth. The swaying “brings the [many] hanging toys to life.”


  • Padded mat with bright space graphics
  • 5 removable and hanging pillow characters with ribbons that rattle, jingle, squeaker and crinkle – can be attached to the arch or mat, washable
  • Large sun tummy time mirror
  • Space theme music that plays as the arches sway – 2 short songs
  • Rocket toy jingles, crinkles and “soars” when linked to the moving bars
  • Quick snap bars for easy assembly
  • 3 AA batteries to operate

What I like about this activity mat is that the swaing arches encourages and teaches visual tracking with your baby. another perk is the space theme as opposed to most other mats that are animal themes – it is just a change from everything else that is the same.

The one unifying complaint is the music. Many users wish there was more variety in music instead of just two shorts songs. Once the songs play it turns off but then if you want to start the music again its the same 2 songs.

The Lamaze Space Symphony Motion Gym retails for $69.99. It is in the average range of most other gym mats out there (some are less and some are more).