Don’t Buy These Used!

With the amount of gear and baby essentials that new parents need/want, many parents are resorting to Craigslist, eBay, garage sales and hand-me-downs instead of buying new items.  In this day and age it is great to buy used when you can but here are some items you should avoid used:

  1. Cribs
  2. Bicycle Helmets – damage to helmets are not always visible
  3. Child Safety Seats – get a grow with me convertible car seat that you can use from birth all the way up so then you are not constantly buying new ones as your child outgrows the last one
  4. Children’s outwear with drawstrings – children’s clothing should not have drawstrings due to strangulation risk but some older clothing have them before regulations were put into effect
  5. Toys (including jewelry) – if you do just make sure it is not cracked, broken or has missing parts
  6. Breast Pumps – bacteria can harbor inside, motor can be worn down thereby not pumping as efficiently – rent or purchase as an alternative
  7. Crib mattress – they may be contaminated or worn down from use and crib mattresses should be firm due to the risk of SIDS