EuroTote by Lillebaby

Scandinavian company Lillebaby makes an ergonomic baby carrier that is a 5-in-1 Moses style bag. The multi-functional EuroTote is made out of a cotton flannel interior fabric and a wind and water repellent microfiber exterior with a carrying board for support. Weighing less than 2 pounds, it is lightweight and easy to carry.  For use up to age 3 or more, the EuroTote has long term function.


The 5 Positions of Use:

1. Moses style Cradle Carrier – looks like you are carrying your baby in an open duffle bag but it is really a baby carrier; baby is carried flat on their back which is the safest way to carry an infant; the carrier is calming because it swaddles the baby so the baby is cozy and content; for babies less than 25 lbs

2. Bunting Bag – fits into most convertible car seats via velcro openings in which the restraint straps fit through; does not fit into a infant car seat; if your baby falls asleep in the car simply unstrap them and carry them in the bunting bag and you avoid waking them up; technically (for safety) nothing should be used in between the car seat and straps of a car seat besides the baby so using a bunting bag is not recommended;

3. Stroller Bag – fits into most strollers to keep baby warm and toasty in the winter; also fits into most stroller bassinets

4. Play Mat – open it up and it is a soft and cushiony play mat

5. Travel Bed – lay flat like the Play Mat and attach the winter/warming top or summer/mesh top

There are two interchangeable covers that zip on and off to allow for year-round use. The winter/warming top is like a winter comforter while the summer/mesh top is a soft and breathable mesh blanket to keep baby cool and comfortable on hot days. The width and length of the EuroTote is adjustable to provide the utmost warmth and comfort to baby. As a Cradle Carrier, the EuroTote is easier to transport a baby rather than in the car seat. With adjustable straps for shoulder carrying, one can carry the EuroTote comfortably for longer stretches of time rather than carrying an infant car seat on your forearm. The one negative is that carrying all the weight on your shoulder can also be difficult.  The machine washable EuroTote comes in 5 fun colors. Available for $120 the EuroTote is actually worth it because of all the cool uses. I have always disliked carrying the car seat because it is just bulky and awkward to hold for me but I can see how the EuroTote would be so convenient when  travelling and on the go. My recommendation is to get it!