Bitsy Bag by Bitsy Brand

I have been a fan of Bitsy Brand on Facebook for quite a while, but recently this fantastic mom-owned and started company, sent me a Bitsy Bag for review. Bitsy owner, Mandi, started the company after she found a need for a blanket that would stay on her son. He refused to be swaddled or zipped up in a traditional sleep sack so she developed the original Bitsy Bag. Since 2009, the company has grown and includes 3 lines of product designs.

My daughter is a mover in her bed so I can’t put a blanket on her so it is either a sleep sack or just her pajamas. The Bitsy Bag is the perfect blanket for my daughter. What is a Bitsy Bag you ask? It is a “cross breed between a traditional snuggle blanket and a wearable blanket. It works by securing itself around the torso of the baby, allowing them to kick, roll, or sit up without coming off.” The elastic waistband is secure without being tight so the blanket does not come off. The nice thing is the Bitsy Bag can also be worn during the day for non-mobile babies and there is enough wiggle room where it can be worn in the car seat or stroller. It is lightweight and soft and super stylish. I received the Black/White/Gold Chevron Print Bitsy Bag from the Collegiate Collection. I love the trendy chevron print! Bitsy Brand also has a Traditional Collection with more traditional prints and a Whimsical Collection which you can only imagine would be fun.

For $38 you can buy a Bitsy Bag on the Bitsy Brand site. The Bags come in small (0-6 months) and large (6-24 months) so it can be used for a long time if you get a large. Even thought my daughter is mobile, the Bitsy Bag is the perfect blanket that will stay put when she is sleeping or when she is outside in the stroller on a cold day. I love this innovative idea!