BabyHome Dream Cot

The BabyHome Dream Cot is a lightweight bassinet/cradle that is available in a rainbow of colors (9). Made to look modern yet simple, the Dream is a parent’s dream (baby item that does not scream baby). With an aluminum frame and a washable fabric cot that zips around the frame, the Dream is easy to assemble. Push a button and the Dream goes from a stationary cradle to a rocking cradle to a wheeled cradle. Included with the Dream is a high density foam mattress that prevents the baby from getting caught between the edge of the mattress and the side of the cot. On top of the mattress is a honeycomb structured mattress pad that is safe and breathable. A fitted sheet is included with the Dream. The Cot collapses easily and fits into an included travel bag.

As much as I love how the BabyHome Dream Cot looks, I am not convinced it is a good buy. First of all, it is expensive at $299. Granted it is made well and will last a long time, it does not have long term use. Your baby will outgrow it in a few months. Secondly, it does not have any unique or very many features so for the price it just is not a purchase I would recommend unless you are looking for something sleek looking and have the money to spend.