BabySense V Infant Movement Monitor

The BabySense V Infant Movement Monitor by hiSense is one of those monitors that takes away new parent fear. With the Infant Movement Monitor you no longer have to worry if your baby has stopped breathing because it senses breathing and alarms you of any cessation of movement. The highly sensitive motion detector sensor pads are placed under the crib mattress and if movement stops for 20 seconds or it the monitor detects less than 10-micro movements per minute then an alarm will sound and the light will turn red. The 2 pads are connected to a control monitor, in which you see a small green light that blinks every time movement is detected. Running on batteries, the parent unit also warns with a red indicator light when batteries are low. For $130 you can have your own BabySense V Infant Movement Monitor and reduce your parental fears. A few users have complained about false alarms which is very scary for a parent. Overall the BabySense V is a good product because it does help parents at night –¬†especially¬†if you are anything like me who woke up many times in between feedings just to check and make sure you baby was still breathing. It is expensive and does not take away your need for a baby monitor so you can hear and see your if your baby wakes up at night.