Designer Gates by Munchkin

With National Baby Safety Month still going on, I want to introduce our readers to the Munchkin EveryPlace® Safety Gates. What sets these gates apart from other safety gates is the design. The EveryPlace Safety Gates are stylish, modern gates that come in a “variety of mounting options and finishes, such as steel, dark wood or aluminum.” With the latest features of “dual locking handles and optional third lock mechanisms, U-shaped “power frames,” and spring-hinges to reduce impact on walls,” you get style and safety all wrapped into one. I love these gates because you can maintain some semblance of style in your house even though you have to baby proof.

The signature model is the Loft (aka Numi) gate which is either a sleek all-aluminum gate or a dark wood with aluminum finish gate. Much more expensive ($129.99) than the plastic or cheap wood counterparts, the Loft is for those who are not ready to part with their “modern, child-free home.” Some other designer models are the Protect wood and steel gate and The Deco wood and steel gate. Less expensive than the Loft, but sleeker and more expensive than other gates, these are 2 more designer options.

The Munchkin EveryPlace® Safety Gates are the types of gates that will leave your friends (and their babies) drooling. When I bought my gates 5 years ago, I bought the wood but they are no where as nice as these designer ones. They were the only nice ones I could find but I wanted gates that would blend in as much as possible. If these gates were available then, I would have purchased them just so they would integrate with my household decor better (of course if would have required a little convincing/pleading with my husband).