The “Smarter Wearable Blanket”

The gunapod by gunamuna is not your everyday sleep sack, it is a one-of-a-kind wearable blanket. Coined the “smarter wearable blanket,” the gunapod “sets the standard in baby care and comfort.” Created by 3 moms, the gunamuna was inspired by the frustration felt by these moms with the typical sleep sack. They were looking for a way to keep their baby warm but which also permits ease of use for parents and comfort for baby.

The gunapod utilizes the innovative WONDERZiP, which is a unique 4 all around zip. It has snaps on the shoulder and the all around zip has 4 pulls which allows for any configuration of opening. The bottom can be left open to allow your baby to have their feet free to move around. In addition, the bottom can be unzipped to change a diaper without taking the blanket off thereby reducing the risk of baby waking up at night or getting cold. Any part of the zip can be left open to allow for temperature control. In addition there is the typical zip that goes down the center of the blanket.

For safety, all the zippers, seams and buttons are tight. The gunapod comes in fun prints in super-soft 100% polyester fleece or a Natural fabric which is 70% bamboo and 30% cotton. The nice thing about all the zippers is that in addition to crib use, the gunapod can be worn in car seats and strollers. It also comes in 3 sizes of small (0-9 months), medium (9-18 months) and large (18-24 months).

Retailing for $39.99, the gunapod is expensive when you compare it to some other brands but you won’t get the multi-function ease of use and comfort. I am a fan and so are most users!