Brita Bottle For Kids

If your child is one of the 85% of school-aged kids that do not drink enough water then you will want to read more about the Brita Bottle for Kids. Many of us have  heard of Brita in terms of the water filtering pitchers. I grew up with a Brita pitcher in the house and would probably still have one now if we did not have a water filter system in our fridge. I have a school aged kid and I send a water bottle to school with him every day. Some days he finishes the water and other days he does not. The days that he finishes it he does not refill his bottle for more. I realize now the value of the Brita Bottle for Kids because maybe if he would refill his bottle  at school if he had one. I can see how he would think it is “cool” and want to refill it to see how it works. The Brita Bottle for Kids is a reusable bottle with a filter so it turns ordinary tap water into better tasting water.


  • 13 oz bottle
  • Sports spout
  • Comes in 3 colors – green squares, navy blue sports, pink butterflies
  • BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Processes up to 40 gallons of water – replace filter every 2 months on average (or every 394 refills)
  • Do not use with hot water and do not freeze bottle or filter
  • Bottles are recyclable
  • $8.99 for the bottle and a 2 pack replacement filter is $7.99

I love the concept of the Brita bottle because you can refill it anywhere and still get great tasting water. The bottle is inexpensive and the cost of the replacement filters are not that bad either. In the long run the Brita saves you money from buying disposable water bottles, it is better for the environment and it makes you want to drink more water. This is a great bottle for kids because it encourages them to drink more water.

Brita also has bottles for adults so you can have one of your very own too!