Bottle of Boos

Before October even hit my son was asking me if we can decorate the house for Halloween. Of course I said yes because I love everything artsy crafty. I had some decoration items from previous years but then I also looked online for Halloween decoration that I can make. I stumbled upon the Bottle of Boos and when I saw it I had to find a reason to make it. The play on words is so creative and fun.

This project took a little figuring out but  I came up with some doable options that you can also do at home.


  • Glass bottle – any size – wine bottle, liquor bottle etc
  • Halloween paint colors
  • Paint brush
  • Light – glow in the dark stick or small holiday lights
  • Extras – ribbon, glitter, glow in the dark paint etc…

The preliminary (easy) steps:

  • Clean your the bottle
  • Run warm/hot water to peel off the label
  • Dry the bottle

This is where things get tricky. I painted the bottle first but learned that it is better to drill a hole in the bottle first if that is the way you choose to go. Let me explain – to have the bottle glow, you need to either put a string of lights through it but then you need to drill a hole at the back for the plug/battery pack or you can use a glow in the dark stick. Drilling the hole is tricky – my husband has some tools at work so he drilled the hole for me in the glass. If you have a drill you can slowly drill a hole using a diamond bit (a regular drill bit will cause the glass to shatter). If you choose not to drill a hole then glow in the dark sticks work great also!

After you have drilled the hole or decided to use light sticks:

  • Paint your Halloween images (bat, pumpkin, ghost, witch, black cat, tree, haunted house etc) on the bottle. If you are not into painting, you can use glass markers or even Halloween stickers.
  • Using markers, paint or letter stickers, write “Bottle of Boos” or just “Boos”
  • Embellish the bottle – ribbon, glitter etc.

Once the creative part is complete then feed the light through the hole in the back and turn on. Or tie a few glow stick together, bend to turn on and insert but make sure it is long enough so you can take them out when they no longer glow.

Enjoy your Bottle of Boos!