Kipiis Bib Clips

Kipiis Bib Clips are every parents solution to a solid food eating baby. There has been quite a few times when I have been out of the house and have been caught without a bib. The eating is great but the problem is that my daughter’s clothes get so dirty with out a bib. Kiipis (pronounced kip-eez) Bib Clips allows you to turn a paper napkin, towel, disposable diaper etc into a bib. Simply clip the round fasteners onto any towel/napkin and it holds on tight. A slider at the end allows you to adjust the length/size of the bib. Made from baby-safe materials and baby-fun colors, Kipiis are your answer to drool and food protection.

The great thing about the Kipiis Clips is that you can keep it in your diaper bag and when you need a bib, grab a napkin and clip on. Once you are done, throw the napkin away and put the clips in your bag. You no longer have to store a dirty bib in your diaper bag and then forget that it is there and pull out a dirty/stinky bib from your bag a few days later.

Another fantastic use for Kipiis is for nursing mothers. Big enough for adults, nursing mothers can turn a baby blanket into a nursing cover. One less thing to carry around if you have a baby blanket handy.

I love Kipiis!