Nighty Night Nursing Light

The Nighty Night Nursing Light is a small (2.5 inches diameter) multi-functional night light that moms clip onto their clothing as a nursing tool (night time feeding tool). Push the star and a soft light glows, allowing parents to see baby. The optional vibrating alarm can also be activated so if the parent falls asleep, it will vibrate and wake them up. The alarm can also help track the length of feedings and the device can also be clipped on the left or right side to help as a left or right side feeding reminder. Running on 2 AAA batteries, the Nighty Night Nursing Light is Perfect light plus reminder for tired parents.

I love the idea of the Night Night Nursing Light. A necessity at night when doing night time diaper changes and feedings. I always resorted to a handheld mini light but the genius of clipping one on to clothing with an alarm makes life that much better! Twenty dollars for a great registry item or baby shower gift – something that most moms would not think about needing but could end up being very useful!