Winter Wear for Babies

The east coast is in the midst of a snow storm and fall has finally hit the west coast – time to think about dressing your baby for the cold days and nights ahead. Below are tips for dressing your baby in the winter.


  • Tip – babies typically need 1 more layer than an adult, plus a blanket.
  • Dress your baby in easy on and off layers – this way your baby feels less constricted than a thick bulky sweater and you can easily remove a layer when you go inside.
  • Lycra and silk are best next to the skin as opposed to cotton which stays damp if baby sweats
  • Over the clothing, put baby in a snow suit (these have form fitting arms and legs with a hood) or bunting (sleeping bag for a car seat or stroller) which provides a buffer against the cold and wind.
  • Snow suits are not ideal for diaper changes so if you won’t be outside for too long, a winter coat is a great alternative.
  • Consider a coat or snowsuit with a removable liner so you can adjust for temperature.
  • Hat – head and ears should be covered – a large percentage of body heat is lost through the head. A hat that fastens under the neck is best so baby can’t remove it
  • Mittens – gloves for babies are impossible to put on, also purchase clips for mittens so when removed the mittens do not get lost. Many snowsuits have sleeves where the ends can fold over to to cover the hands
  • Socks or booties for the feet.
  • Once indoors, make sure you take layers off your baby – you don’t want them to overheat or sweat in their clothes. If your baby sweats, they will get damp and end up even colder when you go outside again.
  • If in a car seat, make sure your baby is not wearing a snow suit or bulky layers for safety reasons. Your baby can not be strapped¬†securely¬†with bulky layers. Put a blanket on top of your baby after strapping them in.
  • Safety tip – if your baby’s skin starts turning white, that means they are starting to get frost nipped. If this is the case, go inside immediately. Do not rub skin because you can cause more damage, either hold their sin against yours or immerse in warm (not hot) water.
  • Winter sun can definitely cause sunburn so keep baby protected when the sun is out, even if it is winter.


  • Do not use loose blankets due to SIDS!
  • Do not overheat your baby’s room!
  • Use a flannel sheet for the crib.
  • Attire – footed sleepers with or without a onesie.
  • For an additional layer, wearable blankets are the best (sleep sack, sleeping bag, Bitsy Bag etc…)

Tip – due to the warm, dry insides and cold outsides, baby’s skin can get dry during the winter. Make sure to hydrate skin with lotion and if needed turn on a cold mist humidifier to put moisture in the air.