MAGIC Astro Bouncer

For over 30 years, female design dynasty and UK based company Mamas & Papas have produced quality products that are stylish and innovative. The MAGIC Astro Bouncer is a premium, high-tech bouncer. The MP3 player compatibility is where the magic begins but does not end. The kicker is the optional MAGIC cards which are sold separately for $30 each. Each card has 4 new entertainment settings of 150 new songs, sounds and rhymes. When you get tired of hearing the same old music, buy a new MAGIC card.

The kicker is that, “your baby brings the bouncer to life by interacting with the toys, and is rewarded with sound and soft unique light shows to encourage sensory skills. The interactive kick pad responds to your baby’s movement with extra sound and light shows.


  • Multi-position toy arch
  • 2 speakers provide high-quality stereo sound
  • Safety harness
  • Removable head support
  • Machine washable, soft fabric
  • Adjustable vibration function
  • Bounce function with 3 speed settings – meant to mimic mom’s heartbeat
  • Use from birth to 6 months
The one true negative about the MAGIC Astro Bouncer is the size. It is larger than standard bouncers therefore it is not as easily portable and definitely not travel friendly.

As much as I love the MAGIC Astro Bouncer, I would not buy it. The MAGIC cards are really not necessary when you are only able to use the bouncer for 6 months – what is the point. The bouncer retails for $220 and then to have to spend an extra $30 for a card is a waste. Your baby should not be awake in the bouncer long enough for the parent or baby to get bored with the provide music. It is a babysitter when you need it but it is not for baby to sit in all day long.