Stokke MyCarrier

My husband and I were not baby wearers with our first 2 children and only become a semi baby wearer with our daughter. We were using the Baby Bjorn for the past 9 months but I was recently sent the Stokke MyCarrier 3-in-1 and it is amazing! Norwegian born Stokke has a fantastic reputation for high-quality and long-lasting products and the MyCarrier falls in line with that reputation.

The first thing my husband said when he saw the MyCarrier was “ummm, that’s bright.” I chose the red carrier which is a cheery red – I think it is fun! The first thing he said when he put on the MyCarrier is “the back support is amazing.” He said the support was evenly distributed on his back and it did not feel heavy when he carried our daughter. My husband realized that the color is irrelevant – he should not have knocked it till he tried it.

There are more reasons why we love the MyCarrier but first, here are the facts:

  • Comes in 3 parts – main harness with integrated hip belt, front carrier and back carrier
  • Holds securely by double-locking carabiners
  • Made of breathable, 100% organic cotton textiles – free from any harmful chemicals
  • Ergonomically shaped back plate included
  • Pocket on both sides for keys etc
  • Integrated sun/sleep shade for baby
  • Ergonomic adjustments within reach for front and back carrying
  • Fabric colors – red, brown, dark navy
  • Front and back carrier are machine washable while the main harness is hand wash only
Front Carrier:
  • Start using when baby is 7.7 lbs or 21 inches
  • Inward facing until baby can hold head up unassisted (about 4+ months)
  • “Happy hips” position – broad seating – mimics actual sitting – promotes proper growth and development of baby’s hips
Back Carrier:
  • For a baby who can sit unassisted and is taller than 28 inches
  • Max weight – 33 lbs
  • Additional aluminum back support to be used when back carrying
  • If child falls asleep when on back, use the sleep support from the pocket
  • Put baby in back carrier before wearing the carrier
Here are a few more reasons why I love the MyCarrier. The fact that you can put the baby in the back carrier before wearing the carrier made it so easy. This means that you can back carry without help! The fact that the carrier is well made is so obvious. It is sturdy and solid which means it will hold up well with wear and tear. The carrier also comes with a3 year warranty, so basically its entire use with your child is covered – fantastic!

They few drawbacks of the MyCarrier is that it is bulky to travel with (we leave ours in the car so it is readily accessible but if we wanted to fly with it then it would be tough to pack). There is a learning curve with the MyCarrier but once you practice a few times then it becomes easy to use. The last drawback is the price…a whopping $250. Yes, it is a lot, so it is not for everyone but Stokke is known for their high-quality products which means a slightly higher price.

The MyCarrier is the only carrier we are going to use from now on. I love it!