Diaper Dabbler Allows You to Dabble in Diapers

Which  diaper brand do you buy for your newborn? Not sure? Diaper Dabbler is the site for you. They mail sample packs of a variety of disposable diapers so you can see which one you like the best. Once you try a bunch of different diapers, you will know what works for your baby.

Factors to determine the right diapers:

  • Material – how does it feel, is it breathable?
  • Leak protection – does it fit around your baby’s waist and legs so leaks don’t happen?
  • Cost
  • Ingredients – some diapers contain chlorine, perfume, phthalates, lotions, latex, optical brighteners, and/or PVC, while others are compostable, contain renewable materials, or are plastic free,  some chemicals may cause rashes
Sample diaper options:
Diaper Dabbler offers 20 different brands of disposable diapers. If the packs they offer don’t suit you, they will make a custom sample pack. The packs are based on size so when you get a sample pack they will all consist of the size you request. Each brand has 3 diapers in every pack so you can try the brand 3 times. Once you try a brand, then rate it on this printable Rating Chart – so you can keep track of what you like and don’t like.
The time that this pack works the best is for newborns. As a new parent it can be difficult to know which diaper to go with so with these sample pack options you can try them all before committing to anything. I love the idea because even for me, I just bought the same brand that the hospital gave out which may not have been the best for us but it was only what I knew.