How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular: Interview with Riley Miner as Hiccup

The Dreamworks Production of How to Train Your Dragon has been touring North America. Based on the 2010 Dreamworks animation movie, How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular is the most technically advanced show of its time. The show (movie) is about a young Viking boy Hiccup who learns to like and love the dragons  despite his tribes longstanding tradition of dragon slaying.

Last week, I had the opportunity to sit and talk with Riley Miner, who plays Hiccup. Miner and Baby Nadder (8 ft tall and 12 feet long dragon) were in San Jose visiting some schools and events in the Bay Area so he took the time out to speak with me AND my 3 kids. As he said “kids are the best part of the show because they are so excited by the dragons.”

Talking to Miner, I learned a lot about the show. After 3 1/2 month and 6 days a week of rehearsal in Sydney, Australia, Riley Miner and the show was ready to start the tour. According to Miner, the rehearsal “wasn’t really grueling  it was tough, but not exhausting. It was not like work, it was fun.” Due to the “massive technical show,” safety precautions are important and intense. Even with “running along the wall, and swimming with nothing underneath and flying on dragons, I have always felt safe.”

In addition to acting, the show is very physically intense. In one of the most amazing scenes of the show, Riley Miner spends 10 minutes running up and down a wall. On the 9 projected movie theater sized screens “I am clipped onto a line” as he is running vertical to the ground. Impressive!

If you are wondering whether to take your children, they may get slightly scared at the beginning but as the show progresses, your children will learn to love the dragons. As Miner said, “the director wants to make you feel like you are going through a journey with Hiccup” so the show is a little scary “because you feel little fear of these dragons but as Hiccup goes through the journey, the audience also goes through this journey of compassion and love for the dragons. Especially as you get to know Toothless, you learn to love him.”

After meeting Miner and hearing his enthusiasm for How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular, I can’t wait to see the show with my kids. If you are in the San Jose/San Francisco Bay Area, I have a deal to offer our readers but even if you are not in this area, be sure to check out the tour dates in a city near you!

Use special discount code MOM which entitles you to save 25% on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday night shows (regular ticket price: $39.75 – $88.50).

The show runs from Wednesday, December 26 through Sunday, December 20, 2012 at the San Jose HP Pavilion!