Amber Alert GPS

Our world around us has forced parents to be ever more vigilant about our children’s whereabouts. If your child is outside playing unattended or walking to school wouldn’t you love to always know about their whereabouts? The Amber Alert GPS allows parents to always keep an eye on their children even when they are not with them. “Combining GPS technology, an easy-to-use online portal and wireless connectivity, Amber Alert GPS is the only tracking system designed specifically to give parents peace of mind.”


  • Small and compact – weighs only 2.17 oz
  • Via computer and Android app – watch your child’s movement at anytime from your computer or smart phone
  • Set and manage alerts and trackers
  • SOS button for child to press in case of emergency – can be set to go to 10 trusted people
  • Amber Alert GPS is synced with the National Sex Offender Registry (updated every 24 hours) so you can be notified if your child comes within 500 feet of  a registered sex offenders address
  • Customize a virtual zone (home, soccer field, school etc) so you receive alerts when your child enters or exits these zones – designate up to 10 people to receive these alerts
  • Battery life – 48 hours
  • Has an assigned phone number – to be used for GPS tracking purposes
  • Available in multiple color options
  • Choose between many subscription packages based on the features that you want
  • Currently only available for Android devices with iOS in the worls
I am fascinated by the idea of the Amber Alert GPS. While my kids are young and they are never without a trusted adult, it would be nice to have a device like this when we go to crowded places. Just in case they get lost (thankfully it has never happened), we can easily track them down. I worry so much about the world out there, that I know I will be buying this when my kids are a little older and a little more independent. Right now, I will rely on our method of keeping them close in crowded places and never letting them outside without a trusted adult but one day that will change and at that time I will get an Amber Alert.
If your child walks home from school alone or does anything solo, this is a fantastic device!