Personalized Board Books

Babies love pictures and babies love books. What a better way to combine the two with personalized board books by Pint Size Productions. Pint Size Productions is the only US manufacturer of personalized board books.

Why a board book?

  • Each page is a minimum or 2 plies of paperboard – that is thick!
  • After printing, each page is scored, folded then bound
  • Very durable
  • Graphics printed directly on the paperboard
  • Round corners – never worry about your baby and sharp book corners
  • Customize with finger tabs or shape the book

How to create a fully customizable board book:

  1. Choose a template or title or make your own
  2. Upload photos and add text
  3. Book is printed, bound and sent your way

Pint Size Productions also has blank board books to purchase for $6. With 14 pages plus a front and back these 5 5/8 x 5 5/8″ books allow for so much potential to be creative.

In addition, the amazing Sandra Boynton has created a customizable “Are You a Cow” board book. Insert your child’s photos and name and they make a special appearance in a fun to read book.

I love the ability to make a customizable board books. One idea I have is to create a book with each page being a picture of all the important people in your baby’s life (mom, dad, siblings, grandparents etc….). What a great way to help your baby learn people’s names while enjoying looking at their picture. What a great stocking stuffer for a baby or child. For $22 you can make yours now!