Koala Kin – Hands-Free Nursing Pouch

Do you wish you could  multi-task while nursing. You have a toddler to tend to, surf the internet or you want to eat? The Koala Kin allows you to do all that and more as it is a hands-free nursing pouch. The Koala Kin is a like a soft carrier that is “designed to mimic a mother’s hold while breastfeeding, ensuring optimal alignment and support for the baby.”

Some may think that the Koala Kin is a sling but it is more than that:

  • 3 adjustable straps to get the best fit for mom and baby
  • Shoulder clasps allow you to easily move baby from one breast to another without taking baby out of the pouch
  • Ergonomic back support straps eliminate back, shoulder and arm pain by evenly distributing the weight of the baby
  • Can nurse while sitting, standing or walking with the Koala Kin
  • Wears like a vest
  • Nurse discreetly anywhere you are – no need for a nursing cover with the pouch
  • Made of 100% breathable cotton canvas on outside and 100% soft cotton on the inside
  • Complies with all the requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSIA)
  • Comes in 2 sizes
  • Compact enough to fit in a diaper bag
Safety precautions:
  • This is not a baby carrier so only use as a breastfeeding aid but when done nursing, remove baby
  • Do not cook and nurse baby at the same time!
  • Support baby with one hand until baby is securely in the pouch
My only gripe is the price tag ($90). Steep price to may for convenience  – what is the better? The nice thing is that when you are nursing in public, the Koala Kin provides support. Nursing pillows are great at home but you are probably not going to drag it around when you go out and about (unless you have a travel nursing pillow). Useful at home and in public, the Koala Kin virtually eliminates the need for a nursing pillow and nursing cover – makes up the cost difference.