Dream Lites Pillow Pets

Dream Lites – if you ever have a cartoon playing on your TV, you will most likely have heard their ever so familiar jingle. I’ve heard the jingle and was curious about the claim that they are “comforting [and] helps alleviate fear of the dark.” Would Dream Lites work for my boys who are not the best sleepers? ┬áDream Lites are pillow pets that turns a room into a starry sky. Press a button and a starry sky is projected onto the ceiling and wall.


  • Built in timer turns off lights after 20 minutes
  • 11 inches in size
  • Folds up into a pet or lays flat
  • 4 light options – blue, amber, green or all 3 colors that switch ever 4 seconds
  • Face of the pet is also projected with the stars
  • 13 animals pets to choose from
  • Runs on 3 AAA batteries
  • $30 (website says it can’t be found in stores but it is available in many big retailers)

A few complaints:

  • Stars are not as bright as in commercial
  • Dream Lites website states that the lights will appear on wall and ceiling but really it will primarily show on ceiling since the lights are mostly ┬áplaced on top of the pet

Dream Lites pillow pets are basically a night light. Its another toy sleeping aid that provides light. If your kids are into plush toys and scared of the dark then sure it may work but you can get a nightlight and plush toy separately for way less than $30. I would not say this is the answer to your child’s fear of the dark but it is a fun way to provide light. On the other hand, many parents and children love Dream Lites. It may not be for everyone but they are fun and cute. I do not think it would work with my kids (I can see it becoming a toy and sleep delay) but it may for yours!