Are you concerned about the impact disposable diapers have on the earth but then not convinced to go the route of reusable diapers? If s,o then then gDiapers are your happy medium! Reusable cloth diapers with flushable, biodegradable inserts – a diaper hybrid.

The gDiaper process:

  1. Choose a cloth diaper
  2. Tuck in an insert into the inner pouch
  3. Baby is ready to go
Reusable Covers (gPant):
  • Lots of fun colors and patterns
  • Sizes – N (6-10 lbs), S (8-14 lbs), M (13-28 lbs), L (26-36 lbs), XL (34+ lbs)
  • Washable
  • Soft cotton exterior
  • Trim fit (compared to cloth diapers) – like disposable diaper fit
  • Gentle stretch around waist and legs – for comfort
  • Not waterproof
  • Velcro in the back so babies have a harder time taking their diaper off

Disposable Inserts:

  • Plastic-free
  • Can be flushed (rip apart , swish with a included wand, flush – follow easy directions) , home composted for wet diapers (takes 50-150 days) or tossed
  • Does not contain chlorine or perfumes
Reusable Inserts:
  • Instead of the disposable you can buy reusable/washable inserts
  • 1 extra step in saving the environment

Inner pouch:

  • Washable
  • Waterproof
  • gBreathe technology allows for breathabiltiy which keeps diaper rash away
  • Snaps into cover on all 4 corners
One negative that I can see is with the disposable liners. In order to flush them, you have to rip them apart then swish them around so they degrade. It requires some handi work and time. Supposedly you can do all this without getting your hands dirty but I would still find that process annoying. The ability to throw them away but with a smaller footprint and that they are biodegradable is much easier for me to stomach.
Another issue is that you should purchase at least 5-6 covers so you have enough on hand when the others are in the wash. The solid colored covers start at $17.99 and go up from there for the prints. The disposable refills are $15 for a pack. The initial investment for gDiapers is a lot and then every time your child goes up in size, you need to purchase 5-6 more covers. Overall, there is probably not any savings from gDiapers than disposable diapers but their is huge savings in environmental.
Would I try gDiapers? well I am fascinated by the idea but intimated to try something new when all I have ever used for my 3 children are disposable diapers. Yes, I know I am doing a lot of damage to the environment with the disposables but going through a whole new system sounds tiring. I know the process is simple, especially once you get used to it. If you are an expecting parent then this is the perfect time to start gDiapers. Start off on the right foot for your baby (less chance of diaper rash) and the earth!