V.me – An Easier and Safer way to Shop Online

If you love online shopping as much as I do then you will be happy to hear about a new, secure mobile wallet service called V.me by Visa. With less than 1 left before Christmas, now is a great time to start using V.me to finish buying those last minute gifts. There were a few gifts that my husband and I still needed to buy for our kids. I chose to shop on Buy.com since it would be a one stop shop for me.

This is the process I went through using V.me:

  • Created a free, safe, secure V.me account
  • Stored a credit card in my V.me account – cards accepted by V.me: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
  • I shopped and when I was done I clicked on “Checkout”
  • t took me to a page where I had to choose from many payment options (create account etc)…I clicked on V.me

  • A V.me screen popped up asking me to create an account or log into an existing account
  • I logged in and it took me to my V.me verification page
  • After verifying, I clicked “Continue” and it sent me back to the Buy.com checkout page
  • I clicked on “Place Your Order”
  • I was done and now I just wait for the gifts to come to me
  • You do not have to enter shipping and credit card info every time you shop at the V.me retailers
  • Your credit cards are very safe behind layers of security
  • Your credit card info is not shared with the seller
  • Enjoy your same credit card rewards
  • Quick and easy to access customer service
  • Get real time alerts every time a purchase is made through V.me
  • Future: mobile shopping using V.me, receive offers based on past purchases, create budgets and track spending
The whole process with V.me was super easy. I love not having to enter all my shipping and cc info every time I shop online…saves me time and the hassle. I can’t wait till the list of merchants that use V.me grows.

This post is brought to you by V.me by Visa. Online payment. Simple and secure.