Kid Kusion Gummi Mat

How many times have you watched your baby try to pick up food from their high chair tray with no avail. They are just learning the pincer grasp with their fingers and the slippery tray does not help with picking up food. My almost 1 year old daughter still sometimes struggles with picking up small pieces of food. She tries and the food just keeps sliding around. In comes the Kid Kusion Gummi Mat. The award winning Gummi Mat is a non-slip gummy mat with a “knobby” texture on one side so food does not slip around. The other side is smooth, so flip it over for an older child. The Gummi Mat is a 15″ x 11″ almost oval-shaped clingy mat. Completely safe, it is made in the US and made from TPR, a BPA free, nontoxic, latex-free, pvc free, phthalate free material. Place the Gummi Mat on a high chair tray or table and it is ready to use. It easily rolls up to take it on the go, comes in 4 fun colors (green, blue, pink, orange) and is dishwasher safe.

The one issue I can see with the Gummi Mat is when babies figure out how to pick it up and all the food goes flying. It is great until they figure that out but I definitely can see my daughter picking it up and throwing it. It is a great mat for younger babies when they are just learning to pick up food or for a baby who won’t try to throw it.

In theory the Gummi Mat is a fantastic idea but I wonder if suction cups would help to keep it on. On the other hand, I do like the use for a toddler who tends to push things around, their plates and cups won’t go sliding around on the table.

Kid Kusion makes other great safe and useful products for parents and baby!