Bottle Snugglers for Hands Free Bottle Feeding

Do you ever wish you had another hand to so you can eat or tend to an older sibling while feeding your infant a bottle? Bottle Snugglers solves that dilemma. Put a bottle in the Snuggler, prop it on baby and everyone wins. Baby gets their milk and mom is hands free. Great for parents of multiples or just busy parents.

Bottle Snugglers, formerly known as Bottle Tenders, are cute plush animals (available as a cow, teddy bear, pig, and puppy) that holdyour baby’s bottle. Machine washable, Bottle Snugglers work by holding the bottle in the Bottle Band (looks like a hair scrunchie) so the bottle rests on top of the plush animal.

To use: Detach the Bottle Band from the plush animal, put the bottle in the band, nipple side first, start feeding baby, when baby is situated, attach the animal to the band (via velcro)

Bottle Snugglers are durable, fun (crinkly ears, squeaky) so when baby learns to hold the bottle independently the Snuggler can be used as a toy.

Where was the Bottle Snuggler when my sons were babies. They both took their time holding the bottle so this would have been a life saver. Sold for $20.95, the Bottle Snuggler is expensive but look at it as a time saver. You only need one and can be used as a toy later.

Safety Warning: Bottle Snugglers are not intended to use every bottle feeding nor should you leave baby unattended while feeding using the Bottle Snuggler. Chocking can occur even under the best circumstances.