When my kids dump their legos or any toy that has a ton of pieces, it is lot of effort to gets them to clean up. All those small pieces that they love playing with stays on the floor when they are done. When it comes to clean up time, they need help or struggle to ┬ádo it themselves. “Lay-n-Go is a patent pending activity mat, cleanup, storage and carryall solution in one.” It makes your life so much easier with clean-up happening in seconds.

What is the Lay-n-Go? It is an activity mat that convert to a shoulder bag, thereby making toy cleanup effortless. Open the mat and play with toys and when done, pull the drawstring and the toys are swept into the bag.


  • Quickly closes for easy carrying and storage
  • Washable and wipeable
  • Velcro storage pocket to keep the drawstring
  1. Lay-n-Go – 5 feet; available in blue, green, pink; 4 mesh pockets on inside; durable nylon cord with a cord lock to keep the bag closed; velcro front storage pocket to store the drawstring when bag is closed; wide, nylon shandle for easy carrying; $64.95
  2. Lay-n-Go Lite – 18 inches, reversible, perfect for travel; available in blue, green or pink nylon; durable nylon cord and cord lock; ┬ánylon handle; velcro front storage pocket; $24.95
  3. Cosmo – 18 inches cosmetics bag, zippered pocket in interior; durable nylon cord and cord lock; “lip”on edge of bag to prevent make-up from rolling off mat; velro front storage pocket, nylon handle; $29.95

I am a huge fan of the Lay-n-Go for certain toys that have a ton of small pieces. My kids love playing with legos but I only let them play with it when my daughter is sleeping because of the small pieces. I worry that they will leave a piece behind when cleaning up, which could end up being a disaster. The Lay-n-go would be the perfect solution because if everything stays on the mat then we don’t have to worry about stray pieces. My one wish is that it came in a size smaller than the 5 feet and larger than the 18 inches- 3 feet perhaps. Overall, the Lay-n-Go is a keeper!