ScratchMeNot by Short Stacks

I absolutely dislike most (not all) no scratch mittens because they do not stay on or they lose their elasticity and become useless. My sons were face scratchers and I cannot begin to tell you how many mittens I went through. I tried everything from double gloves to long socks on their hands. I had to opportunity to review ScratchMeNot by Short Stacks and I wish I had the brilliance to come up with this idea or that they existed back when I needed them.

PTPA award winning ScratchMeNot are flip mitten sleeves that go across the shoulders and down the arms, thereby allowing thehands to be covered without the ability to remove the mittens. Resembling a woman’s shrug, ScratchMeNot are easy to put on and take off by a parent but not by your child. ScratchMeNot provides a protective layer between skin and fingers, great for those with newborn scratchers or those suffering from skin irritations like eczema, psoriasis, chicken pox, poison ivy, burns etc. They can also be used to prevent your child from thumb/finger sucking.

The flip mitten sleeves are made of a bamboo/cotton blend with a silk outer layer which allow the skin to breathe. The bamboo pulls moisture away from the skin, and it is cool in warm weather and feels warm in cold weather.

ScratchMeNot are available in many different colors and fabrics from newborn size up to 3T. I requested a 3T sample so I could have a friend try it out for her daughter who is a thumb sucker. My children do not need it so I wanted to get a real opinion. They worked for my friend’s daughter – her hands were still covered in the morning. Just to test it out, before I gave it to my friend I tried the ScratchMeNot on my 3 year old son and he was frustrated because he could not use his hands or take them off – this means success!

If you have a scratcher or finger/thumb sucker then ScratchMeNot are great. They are $25 each which is expensive but they work! My sons were scratchers by my daughter is not so that shows you that not everyone needs them. I love them but would not buy them for a newborn unless you know you will need them.