The award winning FunPod was started by a mom in the UK, under the name Little Helper. She was looking for a safe place for her daughter to play while she worked in the kitchen. There she developed the patented FunPod. With the FunPod her daughter could learn about cooking and spend time with her parents but still be safe.


  • 5 height settings for 12 months up to age 6 (for average age kids) – the top level should always be at chest height no matter what age
  • Made of high quality recycled material
  • Exterior is non-toxic commercial laminate that is water resistance
  • Wipe clean with soap and damp cloth
  • Rubber feet on base to prevent slipping
  • Hole in the bottom of the footplate to allow food to drop through
  • Available in 4 finishes – natural maple, red, white, walnut – all with natural edging
  • Height  – 33.86 inches
  • 13.78 inches square with the footplate slightly larger at 20.47 inches
  • Weight – 31 lbs
  • Assembly required – 7 pieces to put together

The FunPod is a greatidea there are a few things to keep in mind. Your child must be lifted in and out – they can’t climb in our out themself. This could get challenging, trying to lift a 6 year old out of the Pod. Plus if you are tied up cooking and your child wants out then to stop what you are doing to life them out can be frustrating. The other thing is that only 1 child can fit in the FunPod so if you have 2 kids like me who will fight over it then it can result in fights.

On the plus side, the smaller footprint, makes it easier for families with smaller kitchens to have the FunPod without it taking up too much space.

The biggest downside to the FunPod is the $190 sticker price. That seems like a lot of money to spend but on the other hand if it means quality time with you and your child where they can help and watch while you are in the kitchen then maybe you can’t put a price on that. Plus it has 5 years of use. I am convinced – buy it!