Baby Loves Disco

Have a music and dancing loving child? If so then you will want to take your child to Baby Loves Disco. Baby Loves Disco turns nightclubs into child-proof discos where children can let loose and parents can feel like an adult at a baby event. The event includes a real dj playing classic songs from the 70s and 80s, MC to get the crowd going, balloons, bubble machines, scarves and egg shakers, chill out room (books, tents, toys, puzzles), diaper changing stations, snacks and LOTS of dancing. “Started by pro­fes­sional dancer (and pro­fes­sional mom) Heather Mur­phy, the idea was to cre­ate an alter­na­tive to the pre-packaged world of enter­tain­ment for young kids.”

Baby Loves Disco is geared to children from 6 months up to 7 years. The event runs for 3 hours but by no means are you obligated to stay the entire time…go, enjoy and leave without feeling like you missed out on the fun!

Click here to see if there is a “Baby Loves Disco”event coming to your town (Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco, New York City, Chicago).

Unfortunately it is not a free event, but for all the fun to be had, your child will have a blast.

Prices vary based on city but ranges are from $12-$20 per walking human – crawlers are free!

If you live near any of the events, get friends together and enjoy a day out with your kids!