NapiNol Topical Ointment

Disclosure: I have received napiNol Topical Ointment to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

As a mom of 3, 2 of which have occasional patches eczema, I am always on the prowl for the next best lotion to help soothe their skin. At the Boom Boom Room, I was introduced to NapiNol Topical Ointment. NapiNol touts itself as a protector against diaper rash and to help heal dry, cracked and inflamed nipples so moms can continue nursing but it actually does more than that! The NapiNol representatives were kind enough to send me home with a full sized container of NapiNol so I can use it on my kids.

NapiNol Facts:

  • 100% all natural ingredients derived from plants, vegetables and natural beeswax – natural beeswax, extra virgin olive oil, soybean extract (source of beta-sitosterol), vanilla planifolia extract, coptis chinensis Franch
  • No preservatives, stabilizers, or chemicals added
  • Provides gentle, herbal anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action
  • Vanilla scent – smells amazing!!
  • When using on baby’s butt – use after ever change to create a protective barrier on baby’s skin – same procedure for the rest of the body
  • When using on nipples – wash and dry nipples, apply NapiNol and let it do its work but before feeding wipe off with a gentle cloth to allow baby to latch on properly
  • For ever jar purchased, $1 is donated to AWASH (African Women’s Alliance in Support of Health) – women in need of prenatal and postnatal care

NapiNol is not greasy like a lot of other thicker creams. It smells so good I almost want to eat it (but I won’t)! Plus it has so many great uses! I will be using NapiNol on my kids from now on. You can buy your jar of NapiNol for $21.95 – you won’t regret buying it!