Tickle Time Mineral Powder Sunblock

Disclosure: I have received Tickle Time Mineral Powder Sunblock to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Created by Anne Heche, Tickle Time Sunblock is a mineral powder sun block for kids. This is a new,  natural, non-toxic way to protect your child from UVA/UVB rays. I was provided with a tube of Tickle Time Sunscreen at the Boom Boom Room and I was impressed by how easy it is to apply with the included brush. A quick swipe and its on. I had to chance to apply it on my kids this week since it has finally warmed up and become sunny. They did not fight the face application since it happened so fast. They actually wanted to put it on by themselves. Once my boys got past the fact that it is not make-up they had fun with it and it made my life a lot easier. On the other hand, just for myself, it was like a powder and sunblock in one. I get coverage of make-up and protection from sun in one.

Tickle Time Facts:

  • Pure mineral sunblock
  • 4 ingredients – Micronized Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Bismuth Oxychloride and Iron Oxides – the ingredients are refined through a triple jet milling process into the finest of powders
  • Does not contain any FD&C dyes, oils, fragrance, talc, alcohol, parabens, cornstarch, or other chemicals
  • Not absorbed into the skin so it creates a barrier from other chemicals entering the skin (chemicals from the pool for example)
  • Can be used on rash-prone skin, eczema, allergy-prone skin (with a near-zero allergy rate), and sensitive skin including teenage acne
  • This pure mineral sunblock naturally keeps the skin cool, and reduces perspiration on the skin
  • Does not irritate the skin
  • Comes in 3 tones – #1 for fair skin, #2 for light t medium skin (including olive skin, #3 for medium to darker skin
  • Water resistant
  • SPF 20 but as opposed to other sunblocks that absorb into the skin and need to be reapplied through out the day – Tickle Time does not need to be reapplied all day
  • Over 300 applications per tube
  • Comes in a pink or blue tube
  • $35/tube

How to apply:

  • Open it: Remove the cap from your Tickle Time mineral dispensing brush. Slide down the white protective sleeve over brush hairs.
  • Unlock it: Your Tickle Time dispensing brush arrives in the locked position. To unlock it: With one hand, hold the dispensing brush in the middle (where it says “Time”). With the other hand, gently turn the clear base to the left until it clicks. Now your Tickle Time dispensing brush is open.
  • Knock it: Knock the dispenser on your hand to distribute the minerals into the brush.
  • Block it: Apply to face to block out the sun. Don’t forget to lock it when you’re done!

While I love Tickle Time, I probably will not buy it…how can I justify spending $35 on a tube of sunscreen. I can get a good safe, natural sunblock (or lotion with SPF)  for way less than that. Sure I will have to reapply but I just can’t justify that price. Can you?