Chicco Liteway Stroller


The Chicco Liteway Stroller is a practical and affordable stroller for babies from birth to 40 pounds. While it is not a travel system because it is not car seat compatible, it is a fantastic stroller for families that live in the city. If you walk more than getting into a car then the Liteway Stroller will be your companion!

Zen Swaddle


The Zen Swaddle by Nested Bean has “lightly weighed parts [which] apply gentle pressure on your baby’s side and center to provide the comfort and security of being held.” Touch or simulated touch has been proven to be a stress regulator thereby allowing your baby to remain calm.

Little Diva Tutus

049 (200x133)

If you have a little girl, browse through Little Diva Tutus…you will be glad you did! They have ready-made tutus, custom tutus, bibs, leg warmers, hair accessories, hats, diaper covers and even doll tutus or dog tutus!

Infantino Pop & Swap Activity Gym

infantino pop & swap

The Infantino Pop & Swap Activity Gym is really cool. Incomparable to any other activity gym out there, the Pop & Swap is a fun, interactive, unique gym and mat.

A Travel Humidifier You Will Love


As parents, we have all had the pleasure of getting a cold from our children. The hard part is being sick and still having to go to work. The Air-o-swiss 7146 Utrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is meant to make those work days a little easier to get through. It is a portable, travel humidifier that weighs less than 1 1/2 pounds.

LeapFrog Touch Magic

learning bus

Over the years, I have purchased many LeapFrog toys for my children. I love their products but had not purchased any new Leapfrog toys in a while. I was excited when LeapFrog sent over 2 toys for my my children to play with and for me to review. Touch Magic is the latest and greatest in LeapFrog toys and we were lucky enough to review the Learning Bus and Counting Train. With all electronic gadgets turning to touch screen, it was about time that toys jump on the bandwagon.

Tommee Tippee Explora Truly Spill Proof Straw Cup

tomme tippee explora

My daughter never took to a bottle or a soft or hard spout sippy cup. Once we started solids and started giving her a cup for water we tried the soft spout cups but mostly she bit on the nipple to get the water out. Then we gave her a hard spout nipple and she did not like it. She quickly learned how to use a straw cup and which has made our life so easy. She now takes are milk, water etc from a regular cup with a straw (we have to hold the cup still) or from a straw sippy cup. I had a few straw cups but needed more so I decided to try the Tommee Tippee Explora Truly Spill Proof Straw Cup!


Located in Vancouver, WA, Bras2Moms is a program that provides gently loved, donated, free nursing bras and tanks to moms who cannot afford them. Founded by Emily Gorchels, Bras2Moms exists so that no mom becomes discouraged with or stops breastfeeding because she cannot afford a nursing bra.

Knocked-Up Fitness

knockep up fitness

Even though I am not pregnant and do not plan on being pregnant ever again, I was sent a copy of the Knocked-Up Fitness Prenatal Pilates DVD Series (2 DVDs). Erica Ziel, Master Pilates Instructor and Core Specialist released this series for expecting moms to help prepare their bodies for labor, delivery and recovery. The videos “engage, strengthen, lengthen and tone the core, uppers and lower body muscles, while also improving posture, flexiblity and metabolism.”

Flatten Me – Personalized Books


My two boys have personalized books but I dropped the ball in getting one for my daughter until Flatten Me CEO & founder, Margo Redfern offered to make my daughter her very own personalized book. In Flatten Me is personalized books in which your child is the star where their face and hair is inserted into the images and magically the book comes to life with they face and name throughout the book.

Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams Crib Mattress

safety 1st

One of the top 10 crib mattress of 2012 is the Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams Crib Mattress. Number 2 on the list, this mattress is “firm, lightweight and waterproof.”

Luca & Company


Earlier this year, I wrote a post about a fantastic product called the FunPod by Luca & Company. Little did I realize that after writing that review, I would meet Kim DiMarco, the founder of Luca & Company, a week later at the Boom Boom Room. I had the pleasure of experiencing the FunPod in person and after checking it out, I stand by my review…it is a great product!