DIY Valentine’s Day Shirts

For most holidays, I love to make or buy shirts for my kids to wear so they can get in the spirit of the day. With Valentine’s Day approaching, I was on the prowl for a cute shirts for my kids to wear. I stumbled upon pictures of shirts that I loved and decided that I can make them myself.

My son’s shirt – I used a shirt I all ready had but I left him choose the shirt he wanted me to sew the tie onto.

My daughter’s shirt – I used a shirt I all ready had so there were a few stains on the left arm – I covered most with the pink heart patch on the left arm but I could not cover all of them – they are not as visible as the picture depicts.

I had not planned on making a shirt for my older son since he wears a uniform to school but he wants one too so he is going to get a shirt similar to his brothers. He can at least wear it under his uniform on the day of!

You too can make these festive shirts! I am a craft-a-holic so I had all the materials at home but you can also buy them very cheap!

Materials needed:

  • Shirts – use one you have or buy cheap (Target, Michaels etc…)
  • Felt – $0.29 per felt sheet at Michaels
  • Felt iron on letters – not needed but I had the letters at home
  • Needle and thread
  • Heart cookie cutter – if you want perfectly shaped hearts but you can also freehand

Making the shirts is pretty self explanatory. For the tie…I free handed it. I used my cookie cutter for the large hearts and I free handed the small heart in the LOVE. The one thing I have not mastered is the sewing machine so I had sewed the shapes on the shirts (therefore the uneven stitches) but if you are sewing machine proficient then this will be a breeze. Overall, I am happy with the way the shirts turned out – my boys love them and my daughter is too young to care but I do!