B Kids Toys

Disclosure: I have received B Kids toys to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

The B Kids brand believes that kids should simply do what they do best – Be playful, Be happy, and “just Be kids“!

Formerly known as Blue Box, B Kids makes toys that are contemporary, innovative, safe, easy and enjoyable! I really like B Kids toys and was lucky enough to review 3 of their toys. My lucky daughter gets new toys to play with instead of the 5 year old toys that we have had since my oldest son was a baby. Toys have come a long way in 5 years and B Kids is a brand that is keeping up with the changing times!

1. Stack’n Link Pal – An adorable stacking rings toy. The pole has a cute monkey face topper and the rings all have a opening so I have been showing my daughter how to stack the rings as well as link them. Stacking ring toys is one of those classic toys that all babies should have. B Kids has found a way to make this classic toy even more fun with the monkey face and linking rings. The rings are plastic and bright colored and the monkey face comes off so the rings can be stacked on the stand. My daughter has fun puttig the rings on but still has not figured out how to put them on by size but its a fun learning toy for her. 6+ months

2. Soft Peek-a-Boo Blocks – Blocks are also a classic toy but B Kids found a way to make their version safe and even more fun for babies. Of the 9 blocks, 6 are soft and 3 are hard but they open up so the soft blocks can be placed inside them. Each side of the bright colored blocks have a picture, number or design. While the concept is great, my one issue is that the blocks that open and close has resulted in a pinched finger by my middle son. Not a major big deal but it can happen when closing the blocks. 6+ months,

3. Toss’n Dunk Elephant Hoop – An elephant basketball hoop – every dad’s dream to start their child in sports as early as possible. Toss the ball into the hoop, which then caused the bumpers on the toy to spin and land on the base to score points. My daughter has fun with the Elephant Hoop but my boys were even caught playing with it. It became a game for them – see how far back they could stand and make the basket. 12+ months


B Kids have many benefits beyond fun, they provide sense stimulation, physical development, discovery, learning, creativity and imagination. So many things to be gained from these fun toys!