Located in Vancouver, WA, Bras2Moms is a program that provides gently loved, donated, free nursing bras and tanks to moms who cannot afford them. Founded by Emily Gorchels, Bras2Moms exists so that no mom becomes discouraged with or stops breastfeeding because she cannot afford a nursing bra.

Bra Fittings are held twice a month and a $5 donations is suggested for moms who walk away with a bra or tank.

Donating your bra is a great way to help and encourage other moms to nurse. What do you do when you no longer need your nursing bras, nursing tanks, belly bands, nursing pads….donate them? If so, then why not donate your nursing bras to a place where they will go directly to someone who can benefit from them!

There are a few different bra drop off locations in Vancouver and Kalama Washington and Seattle, Oregon. If you are not in those areas, you can mail your nursing bra/tank to:

Sante Mama
113 Northeast 92nd Avenue  
Vancouver, WA 98664

Yes you will have to pay for postage and currently Bras2Moms  does not have a 501(c)3 number so you cannot get a donation slip but look at the donations and shipping costs as your contribution to society or your way or paying it forward.