A Travel Humidifier You Will Love

As parents, we have all had the pleasure of getting a cold from our children. The hard part is being sick and still having to go to work. The Air-o-swiss 7146 Utrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is meant to make those work days a little easier to get through. It is a portable, travel humidifier that weighs less than 1 1/2 pounds. Using a high-frequency vibration, the humidifier converts water into mist. Simply attach a standard disposable water bottle to the unit, plug it in and “enjoy clean, moist air.”


  • Utilizes a 17 oz (half-litre) water bottle – any store bought purified water
  • Auto shut off
  • Empty indicator
  • Travel bag included
  • Transcontinental AC adapter and exchangeable plugs included – use in North America and Europe
  • Ultra quiet
  • Handial – to control the mist output
  • Energy efficient
  • $50

The Air-o-swiss 7146 Cool Mist Humidifier is ideal for those trips to dryer climates.