Fashion Forward Maternity – Rent Designer Maternity Clothes

Based on the success of businesses like Rent the Runway and Bag Borrow or Steal, Fashion Forward Maternity allows women to rent $100-200 designer clothes for $23.50 a month, with shipping included (both ways).”

Unless you have a lot of extra money to spend, it is hard to justify spending a lot of money on maternity clothes. Maternity clothes are expensive and through the pregnancy, you may outgrow what you used at the beginning. Basically the clothes are short term use. By then end of your pregnancy you may be rotating through the same 2 outfits to get you by. 

Along comes Fashion Forward Maternity where you can rent designer, stylish maternity clothes for the fraction of the original price. A perfect way to rotate through “new” clothes. You don’t have to worry about your maternity clothes going out of style from one pregnancy to the next nor are you forced to buy generic, boring maternity clothes just so you can wear them for another pregnancy. This online maternity boutique curates clothes from such designers as Japanese Weekend, Paige Denim, Bravado, Jules and Jim etc…

At Fashion Forward Maternity you can rent clothes by monthly subscription or if you just need a one time use formal dress then you can rent individual items. Free shipping both ways which is a huge savings because just with the click of a mouse you get your clothes without the extra expense of shipping or time at the mall.

The one huge complaint is with sizing. The clothes are only sized by by S, M, L  which makes it hard to determine the size you really need. A sizing chart or measurement guidance would be helpful.

Fashion Forward Maternity is a great concept with some issues but it can work if you are looking to still maintain your looks and style while pregnant. You will save money with the opportunity to vary up your wardrobe over the 9 months. I have mixed feelings but I think it is worth trying out for one month and see how it goes.