The Windi by FridaBaby

Last year I wrote about NoseFrida by FridaBaby, which is an amazing snot sucker. Well now FridaBaby has outdone themselves with The Windi, which is a gas and colic reliever. FridaBaby has developed another solution solver that actually works.

The Windi works instantly and does not require the use of any gas or drops. Each box comes with 5 catheters which are to be used only once. “Designed to be safe and effective, The Windi cannot harm your baby if used as instructed. Most pediatric professionals are familiar with the method of using a rectal thermometer to relieve gas, colic, and constipation. The Windi is designed specifically for this purpose. The soft, pliable, hollow tube features a rounded tip that is long enough to reach past the muscle that prevents the release of the gas, and also has a stopper to prevent an insertion too far.”

How to use The Windi:

1. Massage baby’s tummy in a downward motion towards rectum. Massage 1 side of the belly at a time…repeat 3 times.

2. Lift baby’s legs and insert catheter (pliable, hollow tube). Use baby oil (or vaseline) at the tip so the catheter goes in smoothly. There is a stopper to prevent you from entering it too far in. You will hear a “whistling” sound when gas has been relieved. Remove catheter and dispose.

3. The relief from baby should be achieved pretty quickly but if it does not work then repeat the massage and catheter process again. The same catheter can be reused during the same session.


  • Discard after use – reusing a catheter may result in infection
  • Do not leave catheter in the rectum
  • Do not use The Windi more than 3 times in a 24 hour period
  • Always use baby oil (vaseline) at the tip

While I have never used The Windi (my kids are too old for this) I can see how beneficial it would have been for my oldest son. When he was a baby, he would be awake at night (of course!) for hours due to gas. We tried everything in those days, mylicon, gripe water, bicycling the legs, massage the tummy but it took a long time for my son to get the relief he needed. I can only imagine if I had The Windi, it would have allowed my son and myself better sleep those first few months…those were the days!

My only issue with The Windi is the price. for $15 you get 5 catheters which means 5 times of baby relief and then you need a new box. Hopefully you will not need it daily but for those painful nights (for baby and parents), the price is worth the investment.