Born Free Bliss Feeding Pillow

A new nursing pillow on the market is the Born Free Bliss Feeding Pillow. It is different than most of the nursing pillows currently available. “This unique three-stage pillow is fully customizable for your needs, and provides the right height for feeding every baby.” Each pillow piece can be used together or separately and each pillow part has a name: Feeding Pillow, Nurture Boost and newborn mat.

How to use the 3 Stages: 

  1. 1st Stage – Mom uses the Feeding Pillow, Nurture Boost and a newborn mat—The newborn mat has a slightly firmer surface which helps baby stay awake while feeding.
  2. 2nd stage – Mom uses the Feeding Pillow and Nurture Boost— the Nurture Boost is a small pillow that velcros  onto the Feeding Pillow and allows you to give baby the perfect incline for feeding. Mom does not have to support or lift baby’s head with hand or arm because the Nurture Boost does the work for you (mom can be hands free…yay)! It can be used on the left and right side to accommodate your feeding needs.
  3. 3rd Stage – Growing babies can use the Feeding Pillow on its own. This contoured pillow offers the comfort of just-right height for mom and baby during feeding.

Basically the Bliss grows with a growing baby to give mom and baby the support they need through the course of nursing. The Bliss contours to mom’s body without wrapping around it like the 3 other big nursing pillows (Boppy, My Brest Friend, mombo). Slipcovers for each piece are available but sold separately in fun and fashionable designs. Since the Bliss is so new, there are not many user reviews to testify that it is really as great as it seems. The biggest negative is the price, the pillow is $59.99 and a slipcover ranges from $19.99 to $29.99. The problem is that you definitely need a slipcover because there will be many times when your baby spits up on the pillow and it will stain and stink. The other thing about the Bliss is that it does not have additional uses like the Boppy or mombo. You cannot use it to prop up a baby learning to sit or to allow your baby to sleep/rest in the pillow. It has one purpose unfortunately. Overall, I would pass on the Bliss on buy another nursing pillow that is less expensive and has more than one use!