Samsung SEW-3037WN SafeVIEW Video Monitor

It has been a while since I have written about baby monitors but one monitor that recently caught my eye is the Samsung SEW-3037WN SafeVIEW Baby Monitoring System. I am a huge fan of Samsung…their TVs are awesome and I love my Galaxy S3 phone! No surprise here that Samsung now has an even better video monitor. The SafeVIEW is a wireless baby monitor that you will love to have!



  • Monitor unit – LED lights to indicate noise level from baby, keep it on at all times or turn it off and it will turn on when noise is detected, 3.5 inch LCD monitor, comes with a stand to prop it on for easy viewing, belt clip, volume control, brightness control, clock, the size of a fatter iPhone, rechargeable battery (plug in like you would a phone)
  • Camera – 640×480 VGA resolution for crisp and clear images, wireless night vision camera with non-visible IR LEDS – allows for safe night time monitoring, remote activated night light, pan, tilt and zoom (up to 2x more) of camera can be operated from parent monitor with the press of a button (no more getting the camera at the exact perfect angle, just set it up and worry about the view with the monitor), plug in
  • Runs on closed circuit digital technology which means that no one can intercept your secure channel
  • 2 way talk – not only hear your baby but talk to them too!
  • 900ft transmission – pure digital signal so never fear interference or interruption of wireless signal (not from microwave, router, cordless phone etc…)
  • Buy up to 3 more cameras to use with the parent monitor
I am a huge fan of video monitors, no matter how big your house is. If your baby will be sleeping in a different room than you, at least you can keep an eye on your baby. Even when your baby gets older, keep an eye on your toddler who is in a big boy bed or an awake toddler who needs to hear mom’s voice when they wake up at night.
Unfortunately not all video monitors are made the same…some are better than others and some have a lot of interference or static. The Samsung SafeVIEW is expensive ($225) but for a video monitor that actually works well and is reliable then it is worth the investment!! While it is not perfect, it is one of the better ones on the market.