SolPals Solar Nightlight

Disclosure: I have received SolPals products to facilitate my review.  All opinions are 100% my own. 

My boys like having a nightlight in their room at night. It is comforting for them and if it keeps them in their bed at night then I am happy to leave one on. My one issue is the use of electricity – keeping a light on all night long (even if it is a small one) is a waste of electricity. I was lucky enough to find a product that is the perfect compromise, a nightlight that does not waste electricity (unless needed)…SolPals.

SolPals’ primary focus is creating solar-energy products relevant to today’s daily lifestyle. “Our mission is to light up the night with the power of the sun!”

Started in 2008, award-winning SolPals developed a light that utilizes a rechargeable battery and 2 backup AA batteries. Solar power requires adequate sunlight so the longer the cells are exposed to daylight the longer they charge. If the nightlight uses up all its solar energy stored then it will switch to the back-up batteries. SolPals nightlights have the option to be completely solar-powerd or to use the hybrid technology.

SolPals recently sent me a Moonbeams Flower for review. The way it works, is you attach the base to the window by suction then the light is attached to the base by a flexible neck that can be turned in any direction or weaved through window blinds. Since the Moonbeams I received was a flower, I decided to put it in my daughter’s room (the boys wanted nothing to do with a girly flower). We have honeycomb blinds so the neck and flower weaved out of the side of the blinds instead of through but it worked just fine. The first day I used it, I let it charge all day and the light lasted all night. I turned off the hybrid option since my daughter would be fine without the light. My boys had fun playing with the light but I had to stop them from twisting it around because I was afraid it was going to break, it is delicate. The light gave off a soft light all night long, not glaring or bright, but enough where you can find your way around in the dark. Moonbeans bases and flowers (or stars) come in different colors.

What I love about Moonbeans is that the light part is interchangeable. SolPals also sent me a Halloween themed Individual Projector Lens. Basically the images on the lens are projected onto the the walls so we saw bats and ghosts all over. My boys had fun with that one but I will save it for Halloween when it will be relevant. There are 6 Projector Lens to choose from with fun themes such as sports and dinosaurs.

The greatest thing about Meanbeams was it became a teaching moment.  I was able to explain energy conservation and solar energy to my boys. I even showed my boys the short videos on SolPals Kids about Tinkerbell and energy conservation. SolPals also has some awesome science experiment ideas that you can do with your children – I plan on trying some next week during spring break.

Meanbeans are $29.94 for a flower or star with base and the Individual Projector Lens are $4.95 each. Not a bad price for a nightlight that will save the earth and your pocket.