Balboa Baby Shopping Cart Cover

Did you know that about fecal bacteria (e-coli) can be found on 72% of shopping cart handles. That means shopping carts are actually dirtier than public restrooms. Most stores do not routinely clean shopping carts but many are starting to provide wipes to clean them before use. Although, I have been to stores and many times the wipe containers are empty. I usually have wipes to clean the handles myself but when my daughter is around I always use a shopping car cover for that extra protection.

The Balboa Baby Shopping Cart Cover provides a complete 360 degree protected environment for your baby (this is necessary for babies who have a habit of touching everything, putting their hands in their mouth and putting their mouth on everything).


  • 4 elastic corners that secure the cover to the cart
  • 1 handed installation – although a little tricker to attach to larger carts (Costco, Sam’s Club etc)
  • Toy loops to attach baby’s toys so they don’t fall on the ground
  • Extra wide safety strap to keep baby safe – goes around baby’s belly
  • Useful on a shopping cart and restaurant high chairs
  • 100% soft, quilted cotton material
  • Folds into itself to a compact size (makes a bag) so it fits in a diaper bag
  • Machine wash cold and air dry
  • Many different colors/patterns to choose from
  • $50

What I like about the Balboa Baby Shopping Cart Cover is that it is an easy one handed installation. Most of the time I have my baby in my hands so when I need to put the cover on, I only have 1 hand so that is important. I also love the 360 degree coverage because then your baby is completely protected on all sides. What I do not like is the fact that the cover is not the easiest to fold. I have had 3 shopping cart covers and the ones that come in a bag are easy because you can stuff the cart in the bag and move on but the ones that require folding to keep together are a pain (even if I figure it out over time, I cannot ask my husband to be bothered to figure out how to fold the cover, he will just throw it in the car and move on). While keeping track of the bag when the cover is in use is also a pain, at least it makes the put away factor simple.

Would I buy the Balboa Baby Shopping Cart Cover – yes! Is it easy to figure out how to fold – no! Is it worth it for the 1 handed installation and 360 degree coverage – yes!