The NEW Boppy Nursing Pillow

Early this year, Boppy launched the NEW Boppy Nursing Pillow which is a 2-sided pillow designed with a lactation consultant. Made just for breastfeeding moms, the NEW pillow allows you to choose the support you need while nursing.

1. A firm flat side with a soft minky fabric provides a stable platform for nursing.

2. A softer fiber-filled side provides a more snuggly surface.

The NEW Boppy is for everyone because the wide design fits women of all sizes. TheĀ removableĀ and adjustable belt goes around mom’s back and allows mom to keep baby close to her. The best thing about the NEW Boppy is that the entire pillow is washable just by removing the foam insert and belt. Unlike the other Boppys and many other nursing pillows, the NEW Boppy does not require a separate slipcover. One cost and you get everything you need.

I had the original Boppy and was happy with it while nursing my first two children. My last child I had the opportunity to try a different nursing pillow (mombo by Comfort and Harmony) that had the same concept as the NEW Boppy with 2 different sides. I really liked the the 2-sided pillow for nursing, it actually made a huge difference! The flat surface helped keep my baby stable when nursing or when getting situated. The curved surface sometimes caused my baby to roll. I like the 2 sided-nursing pillows because of the dual use.

The NEW Boppy is $49.99 and comes is 2 patterns (Thimbleberry and Pinwheels).

If you are not sure which Boppy will serve you best, this chart will help you decide: