B Kids Watch Over Me Dream Station

When I was at the Boom Boom Room event back in January, I was first introduced to the B Kids Watch Over Me Dream Station. I thought it was genius. This is the toy that parents need to help their baby sleep. The Dream Station is like a crib mobile and as you put your baby to sleep, the Smart Sensor Technology activates by detecting body heat, motion and sound. It then creates a comfortable and soothing sleep environment for baby. The Dream Station proceeds to go through 5 stages to help your baby sleep through the night (or at least sleep better).

5 Phase Smart Sleeping Program of the Dream Station:

  1. Time for Bed – Place baby in crib and activate Watch Over Me. As the paddles begin to sway, gentle music and soft projected lights help to calm baby down and prepare them for sleep.
  2. Falling Asleep – As the Smart Sensor detects less activity by the sleepy baby, light muisc and movements of the Watch Over Me are made quieter and calmer to help ease them into sleep.
  3. Asleep – Once the Smart Sensor detects no sound or movement from your baby, the motion, projected lights and music are replaced by soothing mood lights and white noise.
  4. Continued Sleep – The Smart Sensor standby and continues to monitor your baby throughout the night. It will offer mood light to keep the baby calm if he or she wake up.
  5. Waking Up – Once the preset time completes its cycle (4/6/8 hours), Watch Over Me will turn on the mood light and begin playing soft music. The motion and light show will then begin to encourage your child to wake up. This will put your baby in a happy mood to start a new day.

The Watch Over Me Dream Station is a great product for babies up to 5 months or until your baby is sitting up and able to pull the mobile. For the small ones, it is a great sleep aid, it may not be the miracle worker but if it can get a parent even 30 more minutes of sleep, that means success. Too bad it cannot be used longer but a baby will just play with it once they can reach it. The one potential issue is the strap that holds the Dream Station to the crib can be small for thicker cribs.

Except for those issues, I find the Dream Station a dream come true – if only it existed when I had babies who only slept for 2 hour stretches. I would have loved a sleep aid!